Hard Reject. Any advice

Hi All.

Still trying to figure out the rejection process. This is one of my recent rejects.
Having given it a bit of thought it’s probably too repetitive with not enough variation.

But comments on a postcard please. Especially on the technical/mixing/mastering front.



You need better samples or programming to begin with. By example, the strings should not sound like the same sample repeating itself. The snare sound don’t fit the rest. You’re lacking hi end on some instruments and reverb (some element (drums in particular) sound totally dry).

All this gives a bit a general MIDI sound to the final result.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

The strings are indeed the same sample repeated and you’re right, some items are dry. That’s a personal thing really. I just don’t particularly like loads of reverb. But I guess it’s not about what I like, but what the market wants… Excellent critique. Thanks. Appreciate it.

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