Need some feedback. Please help me understand this rejection

Hi there!
Just got three hard rejections in a row, two of which I may agree with. But this… I just don’t understand.
Could someone please explain me, what’s wrong with this track?

Thank you in advance!

I think the strings starting at 1:12 are too loud.

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Thank you for your answer!
And do you think, it’s the only reason? Because I believe that the wrong volume of a particular instrument used to cause a soft rejection about a year ago.

I don’t think I’m qualified to make further comments about your track, I’m also struggling with the hard rejects so it might be a better idea to listen to someone with more experience.

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Hi @TIVAN_OrchestralMusi,

  • too much cymbals hits, it’s unnecessary and disturbs attention.
  • choice of sounds and mix issues: acoustic guitar rhythmic makes your track “pop”, isn’t it? So your “marimba” sound is not really pop, neither your drums or snare sound (where is the snare in the mix?).
    Your bass sound is nice but really fat for a pop track… if it’s not a pop track, guitar is too present in the mix.
    I think you have to choose the instrument hat gives the main color and think the others around it for better consistency, in terms of sound choice and balance in the mix.
    just my 2 cents!

have a nice day

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Thank you so much for this in-depth feedback! Now, after all those drawbacks being pointed out, I can really hear them. The thing is that I just don’t have enough experience in composing this style of music to being able to avoid them.
Thanks once again, I really appreciate it!

hmmm… after looking at tons of these ‘hard reject’ tracks, I’m beginning to see a pattern. Won’t post my (direct) opinion though. I think this song you have Ivan, is really good. All of the people that respond (not just here but in many other forum threads) with constructive criticism - almost always cite: “too much this, too much that”, or “too loud this or too loud that”, or the occasional ‘use this string library, or your x sounds fake’.

I am not an author, I am a buyer/purchaser of these tracks, and the ‘too much this’, is often times exactly what I’m looking for because used in the right place, it can trigger an emotional reaction in the listener.

There is a TON of potential for many of the artists here that are getting hard rejects from AJ. In my opinion, if this is your style, then stick to it, don’t change who you are just to adopt to another’s subjective judgement, which makes no sense at all, especially, when you get no real reason for the reject (which I think is a sad sad system). Basically, what it appears to be - is “We don’t like it, just because we’re big and can say so”.

IMO, find another platform to market your great talent. Find a place that can appreciate the quality of work that you do, and can get your exposure and marketability.

I think this piece is fine, and perfect for AJ. But who am I anyways? I don’t make the music I just buy it. Yeah, perhaps tone down the cymbals (a LITTLE), but the rhythm acoustic guitar with a xylophone lead? That’s brilliant! The strings coming in 2/3rds through the track? Brilliant!
The title “Joy and Optimisim”? PERFECT!
AJ is the one that lost here.
This one is a winner.
There are other platforms to market your material. I’d love to hear the other two tracks you had rejected.

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Your piece “Сокровища Джина” OST - Музыкальная Тема / “The Genie’s Treasure” OST - Main Theme is awesome. Just not complete on SoundCloud. You have a LOT of great work. Do not be discouraged.


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Wow… I just absolutely wasn’t expecting this kind of response. Thank you! Thank you so much for all those kind words you just wrote! To be honest, I’m just stunned and speechless)) What you say is a great inspiration for me to continue working and to never give up.

Actually, I currently try to upload my tracks to various platforms and usually, what gets rejected here, is eventually approved on pond5. Including “Joy & Optimism” and those two, I mentioned earlier. So, if you are interested, I can send you a link in a message.

But from what I heard, AJ still has the most sales among all the licensing platforms, so it would be nice to get some exposure here as well)

All in all, I’m still quite a newbie in this business and try to do my best in order to succeed. So thank you for the encouragement!

I think the track would be okay if you took out the cymbal crashes.

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Thanks! Yeah, I’m starting to regret including those cymbals in the track - it seems, nobody likes them)

Dear friend,

I have too rejected tracks this is nothing wrong about your production. Simply when I was rejected it is for some reason something is not well done produced and I tryed find myself whats going wrong.

I must say these things help me improve my production and do all tracks better. If you are rejected dont take it personaly just try improve your music skill and next time do sounds much more better.

By my personal review of this track is absolutly greate and well done produced but it is too much long for this melody.

Please excuse me for the late reply!
Thank you very much for your support and advice. I agree, those rejections are undoubtedly useful. After all, that which does not kill us, makes us stronger))