Need feedback and advices before the upload


What your thoughts? Is it going to be rejected? If so, how can I improve it? Please be specific.

Hard reject.

how can I improve it? Please be specific


lol i like that first comment by @SonicPulse motivational as hell xD
Ok drop the jokes let’s check it. For me there is not much wrong but i gotta tell ya the chances it will go through is pretty damn slim. I can point that probably glockenspiel (it is what i’m hearing right?) seems a bit too loud (just a bit), don’t feel like it disturbing or making track worser, just some paranoia i guess lol. Everything seems thigh i can’t point anything else. Guitars sounds alright, melody is fine, maybe (just maybe) arrangement is a bit confusing, i can’t figure out were is chorus and verse and bridge. But it’s just if you want me to really pick on something. Can’t say nothing else i guess. I myself just lost that thin thread of AJ sound :frowning:

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I bet Envato is considering making him/her a reviewer.

Fun fact: the corresponding track is called “Glockenspiel?” in my daw xD

I agree with you with everything, including the weird arrangement and low chances of approval. Thanks for a great feedback.