My unexpected rejection.



Dear friends,

i know we have ton of rejected tracks day by day. By please take a listen to my track here and give me feedback about my track. Thank you very much.


26 views on this post and no one answers, maybe because everyone doesn’t know what to say and I don’t know what to say too lol.
In my opinion mix is very good, the track is very well balanced and arrangement is not monotonous at all.
I don’t even believe in the “not sellable” thing. There are far worse tracks online and selling.
I’m sorry, I hope someone more expert than me can give you some hints.

P.S. I’d just lower a bit the glock in verses, but i don’t think that’s the cause, they could just tell you to lower it.


Thank you friend. I feel a little surprise for rejection here.


Sounds good to me!


Thank you friend.


I’m surprised by this one. Very entertaining piece. I’m really straining to point something out… I did hear the bass go off tune with the other instruments in a few places - very subtle though. Only other thing I can think of is the solo snare intro towards the end is pretty dry (I’m sure by choice) to my ears. If the reviewer didn’t like the repetition, you can cut some of that out and make a shorter version. Sorry, that’s all I can offer. Good candidate to market somewhere else :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. :smiley:


Have no idea. Cool track.


I could be wrong. in my opinion the first check makes the script ( robot ). he rejects good tracks. I met many failures on very high-quality and competent tracks. at the same time seen approved outright garbage. this led me to this conclusion. People could not reject your track. Track in the ideal commercial form. Again - this is my personal observation.


Hi LongXmusic,

I agree with H8Music that the Glockenspiel could be a little lower in the mix, but I just checked it out in Logic and your track is peaking. What kind of mastering do you have? All it could be is that your track needs some limiting.


Hi friend,
i use Fab filter Pro-L with -0.10 db in masster buss. If it a problem, it should be a soft rejection, i think so.
Maybe i should make another better track, shorter, simplier.
Thank you very much.


I made my mastering on Protools 12. Thanks


Thank you. I don’t know too. They have their thinking. We are just the supplier and they have millions of authors out there. But i still feel pain with this track. Merry Christmas.


Hi, it sounds great in my opinion!


Thank you. @MikhailGraydMusic


Try again, may check was not in the spirit)) The only long intro. Perhaps because of it.


yes i wil make a edit soom. Thank you @MikhailGraydMusic


Well, with all honesty i need to say your track is pretty damn cool. Listening it now on my mac book speakers (that you wanna call a low quality hi-fi speakers, which our customers often using) and this sounds just great.
The only thing that i can dig up is that synth after 0:40 and 1:30 sounds like a one nasty tone, near >6k Hz. Few replays and my ears feeling a bit tired. I can imagine that this could sound just right on your monitors btw.
Also, guys said probably a clipping issue, but i can say it’s not an problem compare to other stuff that become accepted here.
And don’t forget we can all be wrong lol.
And last thing, change your settings from -0.10 db to -0.30 db, it could be great on original wav, but can mess up with you on mp3.
Anyway good luck mate. Hearts on ya. :blush:


Thank you very much @ViceProduction. Your feedback is very good for my changing on this track.
Maybe i should edit a lot for better track. I appreciated your comment here. Merry Christmas.