need an opinion

Brothers and Sisters!
I need your opinion that in that track it’s bad?
He has 0 sales 9 months … any opinion, please! :((
(sorry if I post it in the wrong place,
I do not understand everything here)

Nice Work! @CHEER But I’m not a music expert.

Thank U! ))

really need to understand, is the track not a format or am I just a loser? ))

It’s a very nice track! happy,… light… friendly… this is definitly a good listening! nice guitars… congratulations! :smiley:
I would change the title, more descriptive… It’s not a good deal for the search system…
Good luck, you did a good job :wink:


Good job! Good luck with sales! :slight_smile: Try changing the name of the track, maybe just nobody sees it.

Even an interesting track with good sounding sometimes does not “hit the target”, it does not mean that you are a bad musician or something like that. Of course, if this becomes a regularity, then you need to think seriously. 0 sales 9 months? Forget it! Make new tracks with new sound, new ideas! This track has long gone down in search faaaaar away, I don’t think that changing the title, description, tags will somehow help it to be sold

You can Make A youtube channel where you can promote your tracks that will help people find your old tracks.Cuz absolutely there’s nothing wrong with your track in contrary it’s amazing.


Thank you very much for all the feedback! I wish you all good luck and great sales! :kissing_heart: