Has been rejected.Is it really that bad?

Hello everyone.Refused to accept this track.Is it really that bad? Constructive criticism welcome

Sounds okay to me. Have you used any loops or pre-recorded phrases or construction kits?

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Nice track! It would have been approved a few years ago. I think the main reason for the rejection is the oversaturation with this type of funky tracks.

Good luck with your future uploads!

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Thanks! No, I haven’t used it)

Thanks for the encouraging words, buddy) Because I already thought to lay down my hands

Sounds good to me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Trying to put my moderator’s listening head on…all I noticed was that the guitar was quite loud in the mix 30-60s anyway, and then there was a solo (again quite loud) - they might have thought that solo a little ‘intrusive’ for a stock track? Maybe. Who knows?! Maybe also the whole track being centered on the root, no apparent b section/contrast or development (e.g. maybe you could have had a move to chord IV at some point to break it up then it would be more exciting going back to the main groove). As it stands, it’s merely different textures on the same riff. Not saying that’s wrong, put might be their thought pattern assessing it.

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The guitars at around 0:53 secs are a little loud and very high frequencies. Also did you include a few different versions? Loop, only rhythm and no solos etc? Might help. Good luck it is a good track.


There is nothing wrong with this track!
Surprised it was rejected!

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The VSTs sound a bit artificial at times, maybe that is the reason.

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