Is my title too long?



I just got this item approved, I kinda forgot about it until the approval email came through and looking at it now I’m not sure if it’s ‘commercially viable’ enough but like everyone else it pains me to name tracks with a description rather than something half meaningful. Thoughts and input would be appreciated.


lol not a single response in 3days. Not sure 100% about names, i’ll just give ya my small opinion. I think your track is damn amazing, no jokes, real stuff. Can’t believe it didn’t sale yet. So maybe you right here about names and would also add that some external promotion needed, cause it deserve one. Thats it :wink:


It’s not necessarily too long, but the way the search engine works, there’s only one truly useful word in the title: Dubstep. (Also, “Giant” is misspelled.)

You’d probably be better off calling it “Dubstep.”


@FireLast thanks for your feedback and compliments, as much as I don’t want to I think I’m going to have to go with the Genre title!

@EightBallAudio whoops, that’s embarrassing. Thanks for the tip tho!