Need an advice for the 4th Hard Rejected item

Hello, I’m Gwynfor, for the last two months I am starting to make item for Graphicriver, 5 Items are finished. First item i made was resume, it got hard rejected. Reason: too many similar items. Okay, at that time I think it’s obvious, too many Resume already made at the marketplace. I need to make another unique item. Then for the second item I made this InDesign template for Business Model Canvas:

[Link removed] (It got approved)

Then after the first approved item and first time got rejected item, I made another item for business model canvas infographics, it got hard rejected for quality standard reason. Then again, I made fourth item for 8 different steps circular arrows infographics, got hard rejected for quality standard reason. Here’s the screenshot:

3 times straight got hard rejected by the reviewer. I am not giving up. I create my 5th item which is InDesign business plan and strategy template called Blue Ocean Strategy. And today I got an email it is hard rejected again.

At this time, for the fifth items got rejected I start doubting if my time worth of the simple reason for “Quality Standard”.

For the fifth item, can anyone in this forum point out what is missing with my design that it got hard rejected by the reviewer for quality standard?

Here is the Image-Preview:

I need help, and I sincerely appreciate the time and effort if you want to spare reviewing my item.
Thank you guys.

I agree that the first item was approved. Looks clear, fresh nice.
I agree that the next items were rejected. Looks too typical, too simple, and dont bring something new to the market.
But it’s strange, that the last item was rejected. I like it even more than first one. Looks the same clear, fresh & nice. Great color gamma, minimal laconic icons.
I recomend to you don’t give up, and continue improve this item. I guess it should be approved.
What I don’t like & what I think you can improve:
There are too small distanse between visual blocks & edges of the page. Margins are very small. It’s a tipical mistake. All text blocks and graphics elements placed too close to the edges.
And there are not many pages. I’d add a couple new pages with the tasteful graphic that you have used on the main page.
I hope if you fix this, and, maybe, extend your item, your item will be approved.
Wish you all the best, don’t give up, & be inspired ;^)

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Hello romlam, thank you so much for replying my thread. You are right, I think for the 5th item, which is Blue Ocean Strategy, the margin is too small. I will make an improvement, fixing for some materials and design, and add some pages for this item.

But I have further question. I noticed that when I got hard rejected, I can’t resubmit the same item again. In my e-mail also stated this:

"Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Levantine - Blue Ocean Strategy” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Is it okay to resubmit again this item?

That’s the second reason I recommend you to add several new pages.
It’s forbidden to re-submit the same rejected item, or the same rejected item with minor changes.
So if you make some changes/improvements/extensions, you are welcome to upload it again

Of course, no one can 100% promise that the item will be approved. But it seems to me worth a try

Okay romlam, thank you very much. Right now I am starting to revamp this item, and I will re-upload again. I am glad to have you counseled this. Have a good day :slight_smile: .

By the way, I do not like that the information part is very large (features, file information). The distance between the lines is too big. I’d make this information block more compact.
And It’s always better if you add some bonus (bookmark, business card, etc)

By this, did you mean the text, inside the image preview?. If yes, I will make smaller height between it.

For the bonus, right now i am planning to make a real example of business case study using this strategy. It will add more pages and clearly explain on how anyone can use this template for their business strategy.

Thank you :grinning:

Item has been re-submitted. I hope the Graphicriver reviewer will reply to this thread if the item got rejected again. Clearly, It is so frustrating when got hard rejected with the generic texts message via email that did not explain anything at all. Isn’t that the purpose of reviewing item is to point out what’s lack or wrong with the items which author uploaded?. So we don’t make the same mistake again in the future.

hi ok so please let us know why there are still some items that are in the same style, not any better quality or originality wise that can still make on regular basis … i am really eager to get to know what is your explanation and what is the logics behind all this … the fact of the matter is that if some in the same style and equivalent originality wise make it, he should also … or all should be rejected …

For that item, I honestly okay when it being rejected. I just spend my time around 2 hours for that. The point is at that time I was just thinking and wanna tested it out if this kind of item still being approved or not; while another item that was made carefully with more effort being rejected. You can check here there’re still a lot of similiar existing infographics got approved. I don’t know why, old player privileges perhaps?.

Human factor. Reviewers aren’t robots. This is their subjective opinions. You never know which item will be approved and which item will be rejected. All you can do is to be in grow always, and make your product better and better

sorry to tell u just that but design is not art … there is a little part of it inside and this is why there is a subjective side in this activity, however, there is also a big part that has absolutely nothing to do with subjective opinions and so on. This part is about basic design principles that are ruling this “industry” (that no one really cares about here , surprisingly enough) and they are based on very concrete issues indeed, so basically there aren’t so any reasons for people not to know objectively what is good adn what is not …
plus if u do not understand , there is a big , really big , gap between not being perfect or having some incoherence occasionally and the current situation where all guys tend to believe that all this is all about luck , moods and personal opinions, because this is the way a lot of guys feel it, i can tell u, out of discussing with many guys and this far i have never met any guy saying the other way around …
in addition, there is something quite simple that should be a guideline for judging in case “they would not know” this is the obvious quantity of work put into an item … which is very easy to identify (especially as long as u are an experienced designer), when they tend to do the complete other way around and select flat and not original items rather the other way around …
the funniest thing is that i have many of my items are rejected nowadays but some guys openly copy my items and they get their items accepted (though they are not as well executed and thus not original since i did first), so hard to believe in the supposed values that envato is aspiring to find in what we do , to say the least …
let’s face it, the whole system is a highly incoherent very often … but no one refuses to get to see what is going on and to learn from the mistakes that are made and , on the opposit, reviewers are treated like “sacred cows” that cannot be considered as probably wrong, no one here can do anything about the most blatant and incredible incoherences, i might add … try to contact the help center or whoever else and u will know what i am talking about … well , to tell u how i feel,i personally think that no one can have such incredible skills and perfection not to make something incoherent sonetimes and thus not to have to learn from others , but this is the way thing go here … people basically can do what we cannot , which, obviously looks very unfair …

Don’t you think it’s sounds a lil rough?
Please do not try to teach me how to live.
I know all what I should know.

Yes, maybe design is not art, but there it’s still subjective thing.
Only the foundations (composition, color science, typography, etc.) are unshakable. But trends are changing every day. And this can only be considered by an experienced reviewer. You can not make a list of rules. It’s impossible. First of all, your design should be impressive. If it is made in all the canons, but does not impress, it is rejected.

And let’s not waste each other’s time. I try to give advice to the author of the rejected item, and I have neither the desire nor the time to prove something to someone

i have never taught u life, and even if u try to read between the life, i have really no idea where u have read something like this, but if u want to feel like it and that it makes u happy, pls, keep on thinking so … the fact of the matter is that i expressed my point of view but it seems that u are so very open minded that this is much of a problem for u to have someone doing so and telling u what u do not agree with. Besides, you should try to ask yourself why u are just saying exactly the opposit of almost all authors nowadays (who are either accepting these incoherences as a fate or feeling more and disapoointed or fed up depending on individuals), and keeping defending what simply cannot be as regard to the incoherence generated all the time! but we are very happy for u if u are so very satisfied as this system like this …

yeah what u are explaining is that u have self defined criterias defining design when some already are existing and that they are taught everywhere in design schools lol wow at least u are not lacking self confidence to say the least lol

this is also funny that u are talking about experienced designers lol as there are many of them here and that a whole lot of them nowadays are just wandering how the blue hell they can have their items rejected - as regard to the time spent, the effort made and the good resuly they could obtain - when they stick to principles that are apparently forgotten here! besides are u aware that most of authors here are displaying rgb designs and writing that they are print ready?! so there has to be coherence somehow some way sometimes, since we all know that the concerned designs are just showing some colors that cannot be made in the printing process! but i guess this is once again just a detail for u … as for, for these issues i do not mind but once again this is a flaw that is underlined in this system!

in addition what u are saying is just general ideas that make no sense here as they are accepted by all , obviously, but this is not what is done here! you have to to post good items here! wow this is a news ! lol besides, “your design should be impressive” who is judging this?! on what basis?! all this is based on aesthetics purely when a design is also supposed to be functional in addition of being attractive visually!

as for not being able to make list of rules, this is a surprising comment, when schools teaching design just do this actually … so basically they are teaching something that they do not know anything about this is what is supposed to be meant by this?

as for “wasting your time” u should have thought about it before coming to “play the perfect corporate assistant” and preach so that people are very tolerant with people who are not with authors and are impacting their sales and so on …

I absolutely agree with this. We are growing our skill every day, according to our taste and view of course. Not by the reviewer’s taste and point of view, that’s for sure. I am sure in every marketplace not just Envato, they are already set their target market, segments, and positioning their brand for their audience itself, and that’s way it’s reasonable if we follow what kind of items they want and need the most.

If we are making items, that they think it’s not suitable for their market, most likely it will get rejected. And when it comes to rejection, all I wants and maybe another authors in Envato marketplace hope for is just clearly detailed explanation on why our item doesn’t met their quality and standards. I’ve read all their guides and follow the rules when creating an items, though maybe not perfect as they wants, that’s why the explanations itself when it comes to rejections is all I wants.

So, with that kind of situations that you think actually really happened here, what’s the best play as we, authors should face that kind of conditions?

besides what does anyone have to say about this?! for teh second time (because it already happened to me) they have managed to hard reject a ID Card design of mine that not only had already been approved as a flyer but was also selling already! surpringly enough it cannot make it as a ID badge! LOL . IN the emanwhile they keep on accepting the poor things from some guys who pay so much attention about what they do that they have portfolios of 3000 quickly done items! what is the conclusion that anyone can draw from this?! apart that this system is clownish! let’s face it , not only there was a real complete incoherence about not accepting something that was approved by themselves already but also because it was written in the description that i had been (reviewers can’t read?)! in other words some choices are not just incoherence, they are made deliberately

I have something to answer you, but I will not. Our dispute is the way to nowhere.
All I can say is that I am in agreement with 80-90% of the rejections that I see on the forum, and do not agree with 10-20% of the approved items that I see on the marketplace. In total reviewers work well.
P.S.: Your permanent “lol” make me think that you are 16 yers old skater, and not a serious market player
:wink: <-- and this is a winking smiley at the end of the text, that you would not think that I’m trying to offend you:)

yes a 16 year old skater with a 14 years long design experience in an agency lol
as for me i disagree with u this is not a dispute … we are free not to agree without we kind of fight as for i know … and this is very well like this :slight_smile:

ou my god. please stop