Need Advice for Hamburger Menu from Reviewer's Soft Reject

Hi, all!
Need some advice about secondary menu in my theme.

You can see it here , just click on the right top angle on hamburger button.

Here is print screen from reviewer:

How do you think should I add some menu items? Or should I fill all negative space?
Or animation is too slow? Maybe there are paddings that are not right?

Thanks in advance.

What’s the exact message from the reviewer?

@ki-themes, it is the second soft reject,
full message:

  1. In the previous review, we asked for significant improvements in terms of aesthetics and attention to detail.

Sorry to say but the made changes are not enough, more improvements in the following areas are needed:

  • An overall design quality

  • Visual hierarchy and aesthetics

  • Typography

  • Forms and buttons

  • More attention to details

  • Better design consistency

  • An overall spacing

  • Color contrast and schemes

Here are some resources for you:

Keep on improving please, don’t rush and submit when everything is addressed. Provided screenshots are examples only, not all that needs to be improved with your theme.

The issue is not only with the menu, the general website design is not good enough. You need to improve the design as well

@ki-themes I’m improving all design,
That’s why I included only menu, another screenshots are more or less clear.

But I can’t understand what reviewer wants from me about menu.
Is it ugly? Or social links at the bottom should be nearer to menu list?

I’m not sure what they are requiring but you may need to improve the menu as well. For better results, you can create a ticket at Envato and request additional information

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Thanks a lot!!!