Soft-Reject. Last chance. Need community advice


I have difficulties with submission. Comments:

  • This item still needs a considerable amount of work before resubmission. It still looks pretty poor from a design point of view and further improvements are still required

Other reviewer:

  • Sorry to say but the design still looks pretty unfinished to me as well, pretty much in all areas. There is simply not enough of details here, not much stands up and everything is focused on typography without design elements

and one more:

  • This theme needs considerable improvements

What should I improve? Maybe change fonts, colors? Any suggestions are appreciated

hey monkeysan

  1. navbar logo and give button are soo near to sides maybe better you put some space
  2. Your slider contents are weak. better use another font with nice typograpghy also make better button

good luck


Thanks a lot mate

disable maps scroll, add some buttons and text on sections, backtotop button is far above

thanks a lot mate

Definitely, the main font is not good. We need something elegant and classy, really bolder. Since you rely on images a lot, you should really pick higher quality image, edit them with photoshop or illustrator to create custom shapes and add some opaque patterns shapes in the background. Typograpy hierarchy like post meta needs refinement also. Overall, it’s not bad, but it can be far more better. Regards

I see mate. Thanks a lot. We will rebuild design

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Some of my suggestions.

  1. Mega Menu can be improved.
  2. The Give button can be linked to an actual donation page. Integrate a donation plugin with your theme.
  3. Make the entire background opacity dark on the search overlay.
  4. Events single page needs a major re-work. I mean styling can be more better.
  5. Blog meta styling needs a rework.
  6. Sidebar can be more wider. Currently, it looks too narrow and cramped.
  7. Add background images with overlay to the dynamic page titles as well to stand out.

Thanks a lot mate

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