Naming of tracks: Articles "A" and "The" or without it

Hi everyone! =) I’m new in AJ.

maybe, this question for reviewers.
In my portfolio, I have a track names with articles “A” and “The”. For example: “The Epic” or “A Whistle”.

Can I call new tracks without this articles? Will it be considered the same names? For example: “The Epic” and “Epic” together in my portfolio.

Thanks :slight_smile: And have a nice day! =)

Hi, here there is some info

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thank you for reply. about the search engine, I’m understood.

Can I have, in my portfolio, for example, two tracks with the same name (with the article and without it). It’s against the rules?

That’s exactly why there are tracks named “the…” “a…” + a popular search title. This way you can have “Epic” and “The Epic”, as they will be considered different names.

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@MRVMUSIC Yes, you are allowed to do that.

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Thanks friends for answers! That’s what I wanted to know. :wink: