My Upload Was Rejected (Flyer) | Please Give Me Feedback

Anyone please give me feedback why is this flyer got rejected by graphicriver? Any answer would be really appreciated.

Your flyer looks like a clipart. It is far away from the quality standards. You have issues with typography, spacing, illustration.

i personally do not think so … this is a minimalistic style, this is for sure … though the thing is very harmonious and rather well executed , however , there are thing to say as regard to the readability of some texts a bit, about the pisitioning of some texts either as well as the spacing between elements … Btw this is the problem with a minimalistic style … if u come up with something that is not globally absolutely perfect about every point , as there are not so many elements, hard to have the thing approved in a way …

@n2n44 This is not minimalist design. All great minimalist designs comes with a very strong idea and very clever implemented. This is just a static flyer with a very weak concept plus some beginner issues.

This is what I call minimalist design

thank you very much for the answer and feedback for both of you. I really appreciate this. I absolutely a beginner and on my way building my skills. Thank you.

I agree on the account of minimal design. Minimalist design and poor design are two different things. Sorry, but unfortunately your design is poor. Imagine yourself in the place of a reviewer. He sees the same thing 200 times a day. You should surprise with an idea, novelty, or an excellent visual range. A simple set of deer, hill and trees is not very impressive. It may sound corny, but add more creativity.
And, as already written above, there are some problems with typography. Text blocks are too close to the edges of the poster, the font is outdated, etc…

maybe u are misleading somehow some way between advertising style and minimalistic … some ad ones are based only on very well thought concepts and are not too complex visually speaking when minimalistic in my view is just about “light styles” …

LOL if this is very poor , man, u should take a look at some other things … as i mentioned all is far from perfect but extremely harsh comments just like yours seem really excessive in my view …

Minimalistic graphic design doesn’t exist. The correct term is minimalist design

Minimalism is a design trend that started in the 20th century and continues today, most prominently through companies like Apple and various graphic and visual designers. A minimalist design is a design stripped down to only its essential elements.

The unofficial mission statement for minimalist design came from architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe:

Less is more.

Another motto was from designer Buckminster Fuller:

Doing more with less.

There’s not much else to add to that, other than reiterating that minimalist design is more of a principle than visual design. It doesn’t matter if you’re designing a website, a flyer, a user interface, a piece of hardware, a house, or anything else – you remove the unnecessary (ie. can the design still function at a 100% level without it?) and keep only the essential elements.

in your view

yeah i am expressing my view when you are spreading universal knowledge ! lol