My item rejected. WHY?!

Can you tell me why my poster is rejected, please?!
although I read your instructions in which the designs are accepted
Please let me know.

To be honest, there isnt much creativity or originality. I’m sure this would be fine for someone to use, but it doesn’t have anything that would make it compete on the market here. Most posters/flyers have original artwork, effects, space for custom images, and are generally very eye catching. This is just some text laid out on a simple and flat background.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, just giving you my honest opinion.

well there are some attempts in my opinion, now as for me , i do not particularly these sort of quite minimalistic things and i think that this style is a problem for him at this stage , as it requires a very solid typo both original and super pro , when , at this point this is rather clean but flat too …
there is a problem of contrast of some texts and the usability is decreasing as he is playing with festival letters which means that potential buyers could not turn them into something else if they felt like it …

Thanks for your feedback
but you must be this poster design receive an award in group of designers
and this poster modern and minimalist Complies with modern designs.

Doesn’t really matter if it complies with modern/minimalist design, the point is that it doesn’t work as a marketplace item.

Think of how people will use it, it’s all text, and people will probably need to change most of the text to fit to their needs, then the entire design changes and falls apart. For a user to be able to use this effectively, they’ll pretty much have to redesign it.

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yeah most importantly about the kind of way he played with the main title, only with this, here, this is probably a reason for rejection …

LOL which group of designers are u referring to? do not get me wrong i rather like what u have done but there is nothing so very incredibly revolutionary so that you are granted prizes all the same lol none of us do by the way , so do not take this personally, ok?