My tracks recjected - want to learn from my 'mistakes'

Hi Community!

I am fairly new to AudioJungle and have so far uploaded 4 tracks for review.
My first two tracks got hard rejected with no comment / reason why, so I sat down trying to figure out what I did wrong.
Then I wrote two new tracks, sent dem in for review and waiting hopefully for an acceptance.

Unfortunately these got rejected as well.

So now I’m reaching out to the community seeking some guidance / tips / feedback on what is wrong with my two latest tracks that got rejected.

poor mixed / mastered?
bad arrangements?
not commercially appealing enough?

I appreciate if you take the time to listen and give feedback!


Hi norway1983 - if you send me individual stems and midifile for your track “Cinematic 1” I shall have a play. My email if you want to do this is:

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Hi gballx,

Why do you need the stems and midis when it can be streamed on Soundcloud?

So that I can keep parts that are good and enhance your track.

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Would be nice to hear the polished update from gballx :slight_smile:

Hi! I listen your cinematic track. I think orchestral melodies are fine, but you use not relevant samples (and bad mixing problem). And arrangement need correction too. I suggest you to listen top-selling cinematic tracks and to arrangement your song closely to them. Good luck!

thanks for feedback! are there any specific details regarding the ‘bad mixing problem’ you write?

gballx: I don’t like the idea of sending off the stems, but would appreciate any tips.