My tracks got rejected, any tips?

Hello AudioJungle Community,

My two tracks got rejected, due to " general commercial quality standard"
I am open to criticism, and good remarks and tips to help me evolve.

Here are the links:
Track 1:

Track 2:

Named them that way to be easier.

Thanks a lot for your support,
Tiago Loja


the first thing is the piano chords in both of tracks, these sound too muddy because played in a low octave, therefore you have to transpose one octave up, in general the piano sound can be improved I think, good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Roberto, for the reply,
So you believe it’s a production problem? Meaning the piano mixing, or maybe the whole mixing/mastering.
Because I doubted it could be the arrangement or composition of the song.

Another thing, in the rejection email they said and I quote "and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again."
Does that mean I can’t submit the exact same article, or can I do my audio/mixing/mastering changes do a retry?

In my opinion, one of the problem is the choice of the low octave to play the piano chords, you have to transpose one octave up the piano chords or using other inversions, otherwise the sound is too confused… for the other issues, like mixing/mastering, I’m not so able to help you, someone with more experience can give you the right suggestions… :slight_smile:


My suggestion for the chords of second track is:

G: D2, G2, B2
Am: E2, A2, C3
Em: E2, G2, B2
C: E2, G2, C3

Once again, great suggestions.

Will keep in mind!