My themes are not loading

My Glossary theme is not loading

You can ask author s support.
Enable debugger in WordPress, you can search on Google how to enable. And after you will see error and see what is the cause, theme, plugin, etc.

Try to contact author if you have support.
Or you can hire someone to fix it.
Good luck and only the best

That’s not a satisfactory answer. I bought the template for $49 and it doesn’t work. I’m going to ask for a refund if you don’t help me fix this.

Sorry, I’m not the author of that theme. I just give you an advice.
I’m from PayoThemes as you can see.

Issue can be from your server, is better to ask author first, he will help you.

Best regards


Best way if your item have support ( 6 month ) you can contact with your item author here

with purchase key

hope they will help you.

Or if your item support expired then hire a freelancer from envato studio