My Theme disappeared


I used “Advanced Reset WordPress” Plugin to reset my theme. Now I have only the “sample page”. I tried to reinstall it, it failed, giving me a message that says that the theme is already installed.
How can I reach my theme?


Maybe you need just to import the demo/dummy content again? I don’t know how that plugin works, but it looks to me like your database is empty (it has deleted all your content) but your theme is still there (installed).


Yes, this plugin deletes the whole database. How can I import the demo/dummy content? I went to tools>import, but then I didn’t understand what to choose to install.


It depends which theme you are using - you should check the theme documentation to see how to import demo content.

If there is a .xml file which comes with theme, then you should go tools>import and to find .xml which you need to upload/install.

Again, best way is to check theme documentation.