Delete demo data

I have been playing around the newly downloaded Sahifa theme, while being also quite new to Wordpress. After a while I decided to import the Demo Data, because I thought I could figure out how things work moving backwards from the effect on the front. So now I like to start from scratch again. But… how to delete all this Demo Data? Should I just install the theme again? I hope for I clear answer!!

Greetings Jessica

Installing the theme again could be a solution as well as resetting the database if you could manage

@ki-themes: Can I ‘Reset all settings’ in the Sahifa Panel (picture)?

I’m not sure. You should contact the author

You can use a plugin like this, for example. There are a few more in the WordPress repository that accomplish the same, give or take, just give it a search.

Aha @CliffHouse that might be useful. Will the Sahifa theme also be deleted, and if so, can I re-activate the theme?

It should only delete the content.