My template got rejected for the second time

Hi there,

I developed template for the second time. I have tried 2 times and uploaded 2 different Templates both got rejected. What is the exactly issue?

Preview page: [HTML & CSS]

The reason from ThemeForest:

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Mentalist - Mental Health, Psychology & Counseling HTML Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Thank you.

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Anyone? What should I do for the next templates?

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Well, every time I get this reject reply - and it is everything I upload so I stopped creating stuff - I just don’t upload it again. You can ask for specific reasons but don’t expect anything serious.
IMHO the template looks very generic, something that could be taken from any blog site offering free templates. I think folks need something fancyomgthisissoamazingomgomg, if you can provide that, good luck with sales but honestly, creating something that most people will like and find useful is getting harder and harder as there are so many similar products literally everywhere. Like you can’t reinvent the wheel huh ^^

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Thank you for the comment.

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Sorry, your design is very basic. Recommend you check the latest approved items on themeforest. Hope it can help you. Good luck in your next projects :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I have looked at the approved items but there are worse templates than this template on themeforest.

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Your item should not be better than the worst, you should be just the best! In other words, you need to look not at the worst products, but at the best ones and be inspired by this. Good luck!

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Thank you. Even I have no motivation. I don’t know what I do exactly in my new template.

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I don’t know what I do exactly in my new template.

Then you should figure it out, because doing a template just for the sake of doing a template is nonsense. Those times are long gone.

But to be honest, you first have to spend some solid time honing your skills outside of Envato. Your are simply not ready yet. To put it harshly, your design is very amateurish. I understand that nobody likes to hear stuff like that, but you won’t make any progress without admitting it. Just keep doing it and you will get there sooner or later. Submitting anything on Envato within next couple of months will be IMHO waste of time in your case. It takes a lot of time to significantly improve.


Thank you very much for the comment. Actually I don’t do template just for doing template. But I want to know the issues. There are so similar templates like this template on themeforest. Maybe I could add animations. I just try to understand the difference.

I guess that it can be well to work with the one who is experienced for me.

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Your main issue is the design, it is just not good enough. Yes, there are similar templates, but they were approved ten years ago. If you want to compare your design to some existing ones, try popular templates which were submitted within last year and you will see the HUGE difference in quality. If you don’t see that difference, then your eyes are simply not trained yet. It is normal, you need to work more and you will get better, like everyone else. There are no shortcuts.


Thank you LSVRthemes. I am going to consider your says. You are right and I agree with you.

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Your work is far from being the worst I’ve seen, but its simply not enough to compete here yet. With some hard work, Iam pretty sure that in 2-3 years, you’ll be able to post quality stuff on Envato. Meanwhile, don’t waste your time submitting here and sharpen your skills by doing freelance work for real world clients. There is no point having approved product that makes little or no sales and there are a lot out there. Successful authors are the one who know to choose the right niche combined with extremely competitive design and development skills. That’s what it takes to sell here. Good Luck, you’ll get there eventually. Best.

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Thank you very much for great comments. I am going to review popular themes on themeforest.