please help me, why my html template has been rejected by themeforest?

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Conseil - Consultancy Coaching Learning” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again. you can see my designs here for a demo link.


I have saw your item! You have done a good job!
But i think the main reason of rejection is Design quality cause maximum section design are common at Themeforest << Envato Market.

Try to create more unique and aesthetic hope your item will approved.


thanks for your suggestion. According to your advice
“the main reason of rejection is Design quality cause maximum section design are common at Themeforest” then what should i do. if i change the some layout section then they will accept my design or not. how can i know that which reason they reject my designs.

There is no specific reason they will said only quality standard.
after rejection your item post your item at Envato forum and ask feedback people will indicate you about rejection.
I have said that
Try to create more unique and aesthetic hope your item will approved

Aside from being a clone of each other - what’s the connection to

hi charlie, what should i do now, its a totally clone website, but when i check it on themeforest name kukla, not anyone there. will you please tell me.

what should i do now, i check it kukla name not anyone there on themeforest, will you please tel me what should i do now, can we change something and reagain submit my design on themeforest or not.

Regardless of if it is on TF you need to be very clear what the connection is.

Eg is it all your work which has been copied? Did you base your file on a someone else’s?

It’s not like they are similar - they are identical.

You could face huge copyright issues if it’s not your work, esp if it was ever for sale on tf or another marketplace - even if it’s not currently there) etc.
Plus it’s likely to make a reviewer suspicious

So it was previously for sale on themeforest! (By another author)

That’s even worse and you definitely can’t resubmit it. That would be a great way to be banned.

if i have got some code from github library and another author also use that code in his design, then what i do. ok one more thing i want to know, how do we know that who is copy my code. for example. how you find it that kukla and my web template same

Im not going to share how anyone identifies duplicate items (for obvious reasons).

Obviously there are more clever ways, but just to emphasise how blatant this one is - Google is enough on this occasion!

With respect there is a lot more than just some similar code! Change some images and a few titles and it’s nearly identical.

As I said it was previously sold on themeforest so you can’t resubmit it, regardless of who copied who.

Even if the original copy was submitted by you (it’s under a different authors account), once an item is deleted then it cannot be resubmitted by anyone.

I apologize and please reply to this, if I copy the code from GitHub whether it is JavaScript, html template code, css code. So: Can I use all these and make my own template, I cannot sell it on tf.

It would depend on what it is and the license behind it but:

  • in this case it’s not just snippets of code it’s cloning

  • beyond this for future submissions it’s ALWAYS best to write your entirely own code and design. I can’t imagine that there is a huge amount of things on somewhere like Github that a premium quality dev couldn’t code for themselves