My html template has been rejected! need suggestions to improve

Hello authors,

I 've uploaded a one-page portfolio template.But my template has been hard rejected, but they didn’t say anything.
please, can anyone help me to point out my problems and what I 've done wrong? and what should i improve for my future template or themes?
here is the template link, kindly take a look.

Thanks in advance.


I have see your item. It’s look like themeforest quality standard but the design is too much similar. The Envato > Themeforest Now is going to looking Unique Item from their all author.similar item is going to rejected simply.

Also Your Item Have Spacing, Typographic Hierarchy Issue.and also make it easily readable.

Try to make a item Unique.

Best of luck

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thanks for your valuable suggestion. I will keep those in my mind for the future item.