My Social Media Network Plus - A Multi-Site Android Application, has been rejected

2 days ago I upload my android app in CodeCanyon. Today I receive a rejected message.

I am not understanding why it rejected.

Would you please give me suggestion.

My app link:


hello, masum65!
No one can be sure about reason, but probably it’s:

  1. functionality must be more helpful for modern users
  2. Improvement of design part
  3. for new authors (I mean who try to upload first item) requirements are always tougher.

Hello, masum65!
Welcome to Envato forums.

If your app has been rejected what I recommend you is try and add some new features or add some improvements to the application

This often happens to many people and it’s normal on Envato. Keep doing better versions of your app and in the end you may get an approval.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion.

I will try to add some new features and re upload the app.

Hello sir,

I added some features in my app.

  • Fix some mirror bug,
  • Added No internet connection page,
  • Fix File download issues,
  • Added Pull Down to Refresh feature,
  • Admob ads

Am I submit the app again?