Soft rejection then hard rejection!

Hello there,

So I made a full stack social media app that allows users to post , like , comment and chat. I posted it on codecanyon and a got a soft rejection with a comment to improve the ui , I made significant changes in the app’s ui and reposted it but got a hard rejection.


I am really confused.
Please help and Thank you!

Hello any ideas/suggestions ??

They need high quality project work :slightly_smiling_face:

So , no updates will make them accept? :neutral_face:

With respect this is nowhere near the standards for here and riddled with basic errors, for example (not a definitive list)

  • UI still needs a lot of work and attention to detail, especially, typography, hierarchy, cropped buttons, mobile optimisation etc.

  • as a social network the features and functionality need a lot of work eg personal profile pages, different post formats etc.

  • the demo is really not helping your cause. Design issues aside - it feels like an initial installation without any properly constructed detail or demonstration of premium features or functionality

so , do you recommend making significant changes or just working on new project?

You will have to develop this to the extent of basically being a nearly new product to continue with it.

The main issue is that this feels very very rushed and the errors are fundamental basics, so the best thing would be to invest time in refining your skills before restarting with something new

Ok thanks for your time mate !

Please find the attachment,
Please check this.

Hey @webmagics it is just an alert when you don’t select an image , I should probably just add a simple error message in the post form.

Your work should be high quality and must have to be as per the standards

Always follow the standards and quality as specified by envato

Hello brother, it look like old school time project,
If you are having good skill then you purchase html social template ( check before no one used , also ask permission to use as business purpose ) then start working on that , and i have you will get success :slight_smile: