My project rejected

Hi, my project got hard rejected.
It was a social media API using node.js and mongoDB, they didn’t tell me the reason, but they told me that you may help.

these were the features of it

  • Email/Password Register/Login.
  • Facebook/Google login.
  • Token Auth using JWT.
  • Uploading profile picture.
  • Email verification.
  • Building Chain of stories and adding photos to it.
  • CRUD for Stories.
  • Get Stories based on distance from you.
  • Search by username, name, email, locaion and hashtag.
  • Like/Unlike, Share/Unshare and CRUD for comments.
  • Add Friend / Accept, Refuse / Remove Friend.
  • Follow / Unfollow.

and also

  • Using the newest way of developing using node.js.
  • Async and promises.
  • Handling Errors to avoid app crashing.
  • Authentication by verifing the token and restricts user if the token is not valid.
  • Returning error with any error happens, so it's easier for you to check.
  • Provide you with documentation on postman to help you work with the API

The code is well written and using async, promises. There isn’t a lot of similar things on codeCanyon. I thought it will be helpful, and I was gonna update it several times.