My resume template was rejected, Why?

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hi there is a real attempt to bring some sort of originality a bit but if u ask me, there are a good deal of things to modify, improve and so on … as for I see, there is a great deal of issues regarding most of the basic design principles and I think that this is difficult to hope to have the item accepted in such conditions … There are some texts failing to contrast enough and messing with this basic design principle is clearly not a good idea, insofar as this makes u be confronted with additional troubles in a snowball effect. There are multiple consequences , as regard to exposure, impact, readability and hierarchy of information. One of the best examples is without a doubt the name of the person which is super hard to read as not contrasting enough in the first place, then being placed over a complex background and also being at the crossroads of many elements. Apart from this, of course, there is also the fact that there are plenty of things to say when it comes to spacing and alignment. I think that this is not superfluous reminding u off the fact that what u create here is not only a template but also a corporate item, in other words, people really expect u to have everything being placed in a quite disciplined way, paying attention of the organization and so on. Everything has to look super professional all the way when it comes to all the basics. U are not expected to necessarily be overly creative for such products but to be arranging well all the way. For this, as u are the creator and this is a template u can choose to adapt the content so that this sticks to your needs, which greatly helps.u need to make sure that blocks from one side to the other align as much as possible for instance, that the space between titles and paragraphs is the same, that between every similar category u have the same space too , all these sorts of things … which is apparently not what is happening … depending on the document that we are considering also, there are some real issues of balance , like for the references , where u have all being concentrated on the upper part of the page and the lower one is absolutely empty , which results in a feeling of unbalance and trouble to organize the available space. I do not mean this is necessarily easy to take it all into account, of course, but as I mentioned earlier on, on the other hand, this is a template and u can opt for adapting the content to your needs so that all is ultimately arranged well

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: