My purchase code is invalid

Hy, My purchase code is invalid , i have this message…
License is already active on maximum allowed product instances, please deactivate this license from active instance(s) and try again!

i dont know if my the freelancer that I added on the site stole the theme, please what should I do? I want to help @sizam

the best will be Contact your purchased theme Author. How to Contact Author and let them know. theme Author will be very happy to assist you by tracking the theme license registration domian. Thanks

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Please, write to our support

Here is a list of official support pages

  1. Themeforest comments

  2. Email support, you will get answers on your email, but initial questions must be sent from Envato account system

  3. Support hub for private information

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Thank you for your help :rose:

I sent my ticket and im waiting; thank you my friend.