Registration of ReHub fails


I’ve purchased the Rehub Theme and I’ve receieved a purchase code. Now I’m trying to register the product by filling out the ThemeForest Username and ThemeForest purchase code fields. Then, by clicking on the Send button, there’s a brief moment processing (not sure what’s happening here) and then the following error appears: Server returned an invalid response, please contact support.

Yes, I checked my username, and also my purchase code (multiple times). I’ve tried to register at different moments of the day, but the same error code appears. I also send an email to the support desk of envato, but the response may take up to 10 days, so their auto-respond claims.

Does anyone else has this? Do you know how to fix it?

Thanks for helping out!

@sizam should be able to help you on this matter as you need to contact them via their support to get some help

Thanks for the reply, I’ll contact @sizam.