My Previous Payoneer account was disabled

My Previous Payoneer account was disabled. Now I want to add a new. How to process it?
Please suggest me.

I think this will work for you: go to your payouts then from right sidebar click Set Account button. Then under Payoneer click button Add New. After adding you need to select (radio button) which one you would like to continue. Still no luck or for getting confirmation from envato support first Contact Support

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Sorry Bro… I want add another payoneer account,


You must have to contact Envato Help Center & Payoneer Help Center also.
Envato support center give a account id then you have to contact with payoneer support center they asking about that id what are providing from envat have to submit that id into payoneer support center. then your issue will solved it.
then added your payoneer account.