How can i remove my existing payoneer account from payout?

My payoneer has been blocked for some silly reason. So i want to add another payoneer but for that i need to remove the existing one. I found no option to remove the existing one.
can anyone help me?

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You will need to contact @Payoneer support

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@ki-themes they are not receiving my call and their email support is not up to mark. can you find me a way ?

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You will need to find a way to contact them ( email / phone / ticket ) but it may take a while ( due to weekend )

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I am tagging @Melisa_Payoneer, hope she can assist you.

If you want to reset your payout option, you need to contact Envato Support and ask them to reset your payoneer payout. Once they done that you can add new payoneer account.

i already open a ticket on No reply from them yet.

dear @Melisa_Payoneer can you please help me?

if your Payoneer account is locked. maybe it’s not possible to remove your account information from the Payoneer end. Because Payoneer Support is too bad they will directly assist you they can’t do anything for it. I have faced this problem they have said Envato can remove the information but Envato was remove all information from their end. they will create loop.

Hi @Sangib_123saha you can follow this thread for your question answer

hi @unlockdesign hi, i already opened a help ticket on envato, they not replied me till now, hope they will. But when i am trying to open a ticket on payoneer they always replied with auto mail that Payoneer Customer Care can no longer provide assistance for your account. Also they are not receiving my call by saying that currently they are only provide support to active customers!
can you assist me please? what should i do now?

okay then you can contact with @Melisa_Payoneer she will help you in this issue.

Hey, Contacting envato support is enough. They can reset it for you. They generally take around 3 to 5 days to respond. So if you have contacted envato support already all you have to do is just Wait…

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@VProxy envato support replied that they can’t unlink my existing payoneer if is blocked.

@AMCoders i am in loop now also.

Something similar happened to me, I put an account that was not, it was a typing error.
Tell the support to divert the amounts to a new account, after that I went to the payouts tab and click on the button
“Set account” I put the correct email, now, the issue of the blocked account I am not very sure, I hope my experience helps you.

Hi guys!
What is better to use ? Paypall or Payoneer to get money from envato?

hi @mgscoder, still no luck for me. Envato support already replied me that payoneer need to remove that from their side then envato can help me. I sent a message to @Melisa_Payoneer about 5 days ago but no reply yet. can you help me?

Hi @Sangib_123saha, Payoneer staffs are not regular in the forum. they are not active in the forum daily, please wait for some more time. Hope you will get a reply from them. In the meantime please get in touch with Payoneer support and continue to discuss with them and take their suggestions as a priority. Thanks