Payoneer already have a Payoneer account

Hi all,

I want to link my envato account to payoneer account which I already have, when I click ‘Click here to register’ under envato payout method I don’t see ‘Already have account option’ does anyone know why is that and how to solve that issue?

Thank you


Get in touch with Envato Author Support Team they will help you out from your issue.


Hi @unlockdesign ,

I had touched with envato support and they said to contact payoneer when I contact payoneer they don’t give proper answer and it’s been dragging more than 3 months now. So now I want to know if someone here had the same issue and how he/she solved the issue.

Is your issue like this ?

No it’s not like that. When I click to change my payout method it’s like this,

After I click ‘Click here to register’ it shows like this: No ‘Already have payoneer account’ option. It asks me to create an account.

when you will click ’ Click here to register’ then a popup will open as like the bellow image and in that popup you will get option to choose ‘Already have a Payoneer Account? Sign In’

Hope this will help.


Sorry to say I don’t get above page option. It straightly go to sign up with new account:

you can clear browser cache and try again. also you can try with a different browser (may be cache problem because you already chosen Master card at first try).

Yes, I have tried both you have said clear my firefox cache and tried with chrome but didn’t work.

strange! you should to contact payonner support with screenshots and ask them why you don’t get option as a ‘Already have a Payoneer Account? Sign In’

not sure but I think it is cache/cookie problem you can try with a different pc (with different ip).

Yeah I know I am trying with them and envato from 3 months back still I don’t get proper solution for this. That’s the reason I came here if someone had the same issue and help me for this. Payoneer takes 5 days reply to an email. Their live chat agents also pass this issue to a person and say they will contact you.

I have tried my best but after this my knowledge reached limit. so, you can wait if someone can help or you can sort it with payoneer support.

Ok thank you for the support, After you said earlier just now I tried with explorer and it shows the same issue.

did you try to :

  • click on set payout account instead of click here to register?
  • login to payoneer and keep window open before you click on set payout account in envato?
    also try to register with the same payoneer email you already have, it should say something like this account is already here try to login like all websites do!

Yes I have tried all the options you have said, when I try 1st option it’s like this:

when I do 2nd option: it says I already have an account with this email address and can’t go further.

that’s the problem, the system is identifying your payoneer account as Not registered, Im not sure weather its payoneer or envato’s issue

Yes true, envato says they don’t see any issue at there end so I am trying with Payoneer at the moment but their service takes long time to reply for an email. Actually this is dragging more than 3 months now.

I prefer online chat, i solved few problems with payoneer using online chat they are very responsive and it take a maximuim of 1 or 2 hours until an agent become available, sometimes less.

Thank you all, somehow the problem has sorted out automatically, today I got an email from envato. This is what I got.

Hello 3Ddym,
Your Payoneer registration for Envato Market has been approved. You will now receive payouts to this account.


Envato Market Team

Thank you guys for your support.