My Plugin Get Hard Rejected Even Same plugin with free version is uploaded on wordpress

I Upload plugin on wordpress and then upload on codecanyoun but with any calcification its got hard reject
I try to contact code canyon multiple time submit 20+ request but nobody contact with me
here is the plugin link on wordpress Add To Cart Button Customizer – WordPress plugin |
please i need support
also i ask to multiple author to help we will pay you when our product get approved

Why would someone pay for it on CodeCanyon when it’s on WP for free?

What added value does the premium version offer,

You can manage what the plugin offers with few lines of CSS code, there’s no need to install a complete plugin to achieve that, short way long, in addition to what @charlie4282 said, you won’t get this item approval on CodeCanyon

on worpress we gave a limited filter in paid version we give full control of filter

can you please email us (send private message), we want to debug the issue if any one help us in fixing bug and approved plugin from code canyon will give them % for long term on sale or able to pay them

we get 3 time hard rejected and we get to much hurt

Being accepted into the free repository doesn’t guarantee acceptance on CodeCanyon for the same product, even if it offers slightly more features. In the case of free plugins, uniqueness and overall quality of the product are of less significance.

Yes for code canyon plugin we make unique and much more feature in paid version

please anyone help me can contact me on mail (removed by mod according to Forum TOS)

I will pay them or give them % for whole life after approving plugin on code canyon

You won’t get approval with this item

on i have 10+ plugin please suggest what i submit and you will accept it ?

This is another issue you have - you are an exclusive author and are selling this button customiser on your website (it still wouldn’t have been approved) which is breach of your author agreement and means that it would never be approved

I change this to exclusive else where , now please suggest next ste

Can you please set a meeting with us we want to discuss what we did wrong and which plugin will get approved If we submit our plugin

please we request to you give us your just 30 min not much more

Unfortunately no one is going to do this, as there’s no way to guarantee your item would be accepted and it wouldn’t be fair on the hundreds of others seeking help in forums etc

You’re trying to bring the dead to the life

now we update author as selling as else where now can we submit my all plugin again ?

we just want to get approved 1 to 2 item to know whats type of ideas your are accepting