hard rejection without reason unfair

code canyon please share us reason we want to fix the issue and want to sell our product a same plugin is uploaded on wordpress but rejected from codecanyon due to wordpress standard not meet how is it possible

code canyon must tell us reason we are interested to upload our plugin

Envato will never/should never give feedback on every item submitted.

Other authors and reviewer feedback gave insight here My item was rejected, i need feedback

After having been rejected, did you make the landing page? The working demo of the app? More modern/unique features?

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This is unfair if all other platform give reason about rejection then code canyon not
Here is same plugin with some specific limit feature plugin is uploaded on WP

How I can make landing page and documentation on submitting plugin on codecanyon i alread make readme file

Because envato get 10X the volume of submissions of most marketplaces and a) it would cause mass delays b) push author charges up c) in many cases is not worthwhile the reviewer doing it. For example, you had feedback in the other thread and have not taken any steps to action it.

So it’s not approved on CodeCanyon

If you didn’t action the feedback given by established authors like @ki-themes then it defeats the object of asking for feedback.

You need to make at least a video of the app in use and features and functionality, but it would be much more useful to create a landing page that demonstrates the app using screenshots/video/more info etc.

The reviewer is not going to install an APK file that has not been vetted so it is your responsibility to showcase the app/what it does/ what makes it premium/ etc.

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