My paid THEME is discontinued

I bought a WP THEME from the developer ( Ruben Bristian ) to do my portfolio some years ago and I loved it. The most beautiful portfolio I’ve ever seen. A lot of squares at the homepage that could show each of my works.
I had to reinstall the theme yesterday and discovered it is not being updated anymore. I not only lost my investment but also don’t have the PORFOLIO I like the most.

Does someone else had the same problem?


As a note from their account:

Unfortunately, there is a start and an end to all things on this planet. And on the 30th of July 2020 we’ve closed this chapter in our journey, removing all of our WordPress themes from sale.

If you’d like to use the theme/template, you will need to get some paid support. In case of interest, I can help you on this project. You can contact me via Studio


I am sorry but that is the nature of a marketplace like this. Authors can remove their items at their will.

Saying that you’ve lost your investment is a bit harsh. NO software is being updated forever. With WP themes you can at least hire a freelancer who can do whatever changes you want since this software is open source.

If you wanted such site to be custom developed for you, it would cost thousands of $, with no guarantee that the company which would do it for you won’t close down few years after they deliver the site.


Did you not have backups? Does your host run those perhaps?