My music has been rejected. Help, friends!

Hi friends, recently uploaded my first track to audiojungle, and got hard reject. Audio Jungle says it will help in the forum
Your comments on the following music track are very important to me. because I can’t see where it’s wrong.
Thank you

Привет друзья, недавно загрузил свой первый трек в audiojungle и получил hard reject. На Audiojungle сказали, что мне помогут на этом форуме.
Ваши комментарии к следующей музыкальной композиции для меня очень важны, я не понимаю, что неправильно в треке.

Hello FXSAM,

I listened to your track. The sound quality is overall bad because of the instrument quality you used. The piano and the bass sounds like the General Midi sounds. Plus it is intended to be a corporate music but it has weird effects from the second half of the song. They are annoying, not necessary and actually bad tasty. On the right channel something weird is happening. There’s a noise in the low end which doesn’t make sense.