My Menu Design Template has been rejected. Can you please explain. Why?

hi well there is something interesting about this item in terms of originality indeed, though, there are also a good collection of things to fix or improve if u ask me …
1- perpective and realism
i know that a flyer does not necessarily require to have anything super realistic in a way but in some cases, this is “hurting” all the same when this is not … bringing the veggies like this in front is cool when it comes to organizing the document properly , about not having too empty areas in one side and too crammed ones on the other hand … not the concerned veggies are too small and “people cannot buy it” like this … the composition looks artificial with the way the elements are sized and placed …
2- general looks
sorry to say just this but , at this point, this looks a bit austere and compact all the same when it comes to the central composition, and there is even a bit trouble to identify what some parts turn out to be , this is what happens with what seems to be the soda. Actually , to this section i may have added something else but i prefer cutting the category in 2 instead …
3- realism and execution
well, at the moment, the problem is that some elements seem a bit pasted right next to each other without there is a real link in between , there is sort of a disconnection between some parts of the composition, which seem to come a bit out of the blue , so to speak … one of the best examples is about the ice cubes, they clearly look like pasted , there is no adjustment through adjustment layers or no shadowing so that the thing more realistic
4- shadowing
this was a bit evoked in point 3 but there is more to say about this, as the shadow under the central burger is not looking realistic or aesthetic … this is too massive, too compact
5- typo
to be honest this may be discussed but i find the header part rather interesting though a bit “childish” in a way , for this , this maybe be ok , even if the rest of the style does not like much that u are addressing younger generations … but there is something that is definitely not ok in the other hand, this is the fact that u used a very squared font for all the lower part of the flyer and that this flyer is not only not matching the global style but clearly not pairing well at all with the rest of the typo part that u have here …
6- hierarchy of information
pls think about the logics of what needs to be emphasized more or not … u slightly underlined the number to call and in this way u made a bit part of the mistake, but the text size and so on are not matching with the very importance of the data for both the user and the company issuing the flyer … besides, still about this very same subject the slogan is a bit too small and should prevail a bit more, this is smaller than some info from the footer indeed …
7- spacing
pls check about the spacing everywhere , there are some strange things when it comes to the space from one line or block to the other …
8- general balance
indeed, even if u softened it a bit by bringing “flying veggies” in front of , actually there is still a bit of a discrepancy in terms concentration of element or not … the header is globally way more empty than the footer … and i fix that u should also fix the issue of the space between header and upper margin and footer and bottom margin indeed

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Your elements are poorly isolated. Shadow looks fake. Object’s light is inconsistent. Ice isn’t transparent. I don’t know what in the thing behind burger. Perspective issues. Also that burger doesn’t look tasty at all.


behind the burger this looks like a glass of coke … but hard to make sure …

Thanks for your detailed feedback. I will try to improve my design according to your feedback. Thanks again for such a long and detailed feedback.

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Thank you for marking my mistakes.

if u have enough clues as to know what to with your item , to take it to the next level, pls check the “solution” box , good work and good luck :slight_smile: