GraphicRiver rejected item. Why? fast food

The effects and fonts that you used give me the feeling this is a car parts flyer.Instead a hamburger you can place an engine.

hi to be honest there are a huge collection of issues to deal with …
first of all , as mentioned by @DesignSomething, this is not really much obvious right at the first glance that the flyer that you have created is meant for a burger thing as this is difficult to find activity codes in the visuals, if u ever opt for such an option all the same - which is possible - then u need to make sure that all is harmonious and working in the end and the fact of the matter is that right now this is not really what happens
then, you are “drowning” all the texts and “killing the hierarchy” out of failing to combine fonts and , size, caps and non caps and putting everything almost in the same way … this makes end up not managing to value any information and in particular not the most important ones …
i also tend to believe that having slanted text is not good idea insofar as you have big time trouble to make a decent transition between the straight texts and the slanted part …
u have really too very low spacing available so that people can introduce more texts and bring some more information to the table and they definitely might be willing to do just that as they may need to put address, names, and legal mentions indeed
the game of shadows is not quite convincing enough at this stage and besides , to be honest , u also have a flare collection that is looking really not natural as well … so that people “cannot buy it”

thank you

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u are welcome, i hope it can help u , feel free to go to see what there is in the category right now, what works and inspire a bit for the global style , good luck with your work buddy

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Please why this design is also rejected

i rather like it indeed, but the thing is that there are many things that u can or need to improve in my view

first of all there is an issue of balance of texts indeed and spacing too …make sure that texts are aligned and having a same spacing between each line indeed, push the upper part texts a bit upper and lower ones a bit lower or - and i think that it would be a better idea again - introduce some other texts under so that people put more of their personal information …

make sure that soccer is centered and that the month and day are more readable by increasing th contrast with the background (in short this amounts to changing the color of the text … to white for instance)

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Thank you so much :heart:
I will keep your tips in mind
I will keep trying

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most importantly start with trying to do all this with rejected projects … most of the guys who come here to ask they read, they say ok i will do with next item and they end up doing the same mistakes, get rejected and come to ask again here and we have to point the same mistakes …

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I will try