flyer rejected, help me to improve it?

Hi, My flyer was rejected, I don’t know why, can you help me to improve it?

There is many things for reject.

Fonts must be compatible.
There are too many different fonts if I do not see it wrong.
Your main files that uploaded, so important.
And you should make better design.

One of every five designs I have uploaded is rejected.

I have noticed that the main information is diagonal. It´s not bad but i think it would be better if your main message is straight. Pictures and colors are nice but the layout over all is hiding to much. The three thin circles get to much attention, i would make one circle for each with a thicker line.

The phone number and the address is very important maybe most important…for my opinion it is way to small. And because it´s important information it shouldn´t be played with or look funny.

I think only the food flyer can have three circles because you can put in three different products…you have burgers in all and pizza in the background.

That´s what i noticed so far…hope it helps you to get your design submitted!

Greets JlokDesign