why my item rejected please help

I have been wanting to sell products at the envato market for a long time, but every time I try, I get rejected.

This breaks my self-confidence, I don’t understand why I’m being rejected, can you please help?

With respect, there are a few issues here -

  • What is the design intended for? Flyer? Social post?

  • The typography and font choices are not great

  • The website address being larger than the ‘have you tried…’ strap line seems like an odd styling

  • Masking the word burger to that extent is probably a bit too much

  • The burger itself, but especially the fries and chillies feel very places and unnatural

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The images are low res, poorly isolated with no proper shadow and amateurish integrated. The flames behind looks fake. Keep in mind flames always generate light. Also buy high res images and resources. Using images from Internet without commercial rights it’s against rules.

I like your product! Try to make it better and re-submit!

lol if so this should be approved lol he is asking for help , try to bring some solutions to the table , otherwise there is no way he can resubmit indeed …

hi u have all kinds of issues indeed , here is an overview of what u have to fit in my view …

1- disposition
i think that this is a bit problemful in this case that burger is so very much hidden behind … not to mention that this is a title and that this not good hierarchy wise …

2- hierarchy
well indeed, as mentioned u have a piece of the main title hidden by a picture and sort of a secondary piece of information , too … i guess u can identify that it makes very little sense if u think about it for a second …

3- spacing and alignment
this is particularly true with the main title … the spacing between the 3 lines of the titles is too big … all parts sort of look disconnected from the other part of the title when u should have sort of a whole
about alignment , indeed this is rather a justification issue as the new it very disturbing like this… this is introducing som unbalance indeed, either u have to separate it for good and put a bullet under or u have to find a way to align elements more properly indeed , as for me , i think that the forts option would be much better …

4- realism
the composition, sorry to say just this does not look realistic … there are a great deal of execution and finition issues, u need to drop shadows a bir everywhere , try to organize elements in a way that make sense and looks realistic too. at this stage the elements of the central composition look a bit like pasted right next to the other … with connection , harmony or realism …

5- contrast
make sure that all the texts are popping out enough and contrasting enough with the background …

6- website and bullet
the text is mispositioned in the bullet put it slightly up so that this is in the mid of it …

7- price bullet
this is flat at the moment , put some effect , add some small graphic elements or something like this so that it looks more in relief and looks more outstanding so that the price is being valued too …