Flyer rejected need some help

Hello guys
Good morning , Good evening wherever you read this article
any way i made new flyer called burger flyer and i got rejected on this flyer
here it is

And when i got rejected i opened my flyer again and i found some not clear cutting and no perfect spaces between the titles i mean i was made it manually not by photoshop any way i made some fixes and some changes on this flyer and i also changed the name of it and i upload it again here it is

And also again i got rejected for twice
so this is the image that i used the elements from
at this link


so could some one tell me what is the reason for rejected ???
i really loves it and i now very very sad because this flyer will be in the darkness

It’s a very nice flyer! I really like it.
But I’m guessing the reason why it got rejected is because of the main burger image.
This isn’t a free image.
So basically you cannot sell your flyer with this image.
And there’s almost no way the user can replace this…

Let’s hope I’m wrong, because I would love to see this beauty getting accepted.

The typography is the main problem. You need to work on being more careful with the choice of font and how good it looks as a whole. The very small vertical gaps on the upper text parts looks bad to me. It can be better positioned.

Example of what’s wrong with the font choice: the GRAPHIC RIVER PRESENTS font has wide, more curvy letters which badly clash with the tall title font of the large BURGER title text.

Good luck!

Please could you tell me how do you know that this image that it’s not a free image ?!!
and thanks for your comment :wink:

Thanks dude i will do it as you said hope it help :wink:

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