my Flyer doesn’t meet the current minimum technical quality, why ?

Here is the comment from Envato Quality team reviewer:

Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to.

Can anybody help me with where did it went wrong with my design?

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The burger is poorly isolated, lights and shadows are off, the background doesn’t help burger to pop, fonts are to common.


advice accepted sir, how about my layer arrangement, is there something wrong?

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Your layers are ok the content is the problem.

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okay I understand, I’ve made a second design, how about this?

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Your pizza looks uneatable. If this is the best pizza, as you stated, they will shut down the business in days. All these food flyers needs to be extremely appetizing to grab customers attention and work at sensory level. Check McDonalds ads to understand what you need to do.


All uppercase text looks bad

Personally, really don’t like the font choice but either way, there is no hierarchy by using 1 font

the title is not very catching - it’s just big text


i’m a new player in graphicriver, how your advice about flyer design ?

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bignoodletitling is a common choice for the flyer section in GR and this seems to work rather well for customers … now this does not mean that he could not have done better but this part may not been the most important issue for the rejection, though they may expect more originality all the same …

the black ground i like it , it gave us more concentrate to the pizza but i did not like the text looks bad

hi for the burger flyer, there are a collection of things to fix, modify or change
1- cutting
as evoked by @DesignSomething the central item is not isolated well enough at this stage and there is a very negative impact on the final result when so - as it does not look professional enough - but even more when it comes to a central element …

2- shadowing
indeed, the shadow under the main element simply looks not realistic , it should be following more the elements as for as shapes are concerned , at the moment , it looks like that only the bottom bread has a shadow lol
u also have a real issue about it on the price bullet … people “cannot buy it” if the bread does not have any shadow on the element that is being crossed by the front one …

3- titling
i do not necessarily agree with what @charlie4282 said as regard to the choice of the main font, but this is true that this font as been kind of a bit overused in the flyer section throughout all the years and this is clearly not the most creative choice indeed … i think that most importantly again, though, what needs to be told is that the title cannot pop out or be outstanding if nothing is being done about it to give it more peps … u do not have to apply very complex effects on it or whatever but, for me, u undoubtedly need to introduce a shadow under so that not only the text looks more visible , more readable and also more outstanding and gets the impact due to a title … this is will be bringing more depth as well…

4- lighting
for me there is a problem about it, this does not look super realistic, the result of what u have here is that the front part looks pasted on top rather having a full realistic looking scenery indeed

5- depth
in a general way this is somehow lacking a bit … there is a work to do on shadows as i mentioned and that would really help, without the shadow of a doubt. Though , this is not all … if u ask me there should be a darker smooth transition behind the table to increase the depth generated by the positioning. I would have personally opted for bringing some blur on the background part in order to make sure that the depth is being increased but not only , see point 6

6- messy looks
sorry to say just that but as u put it, right now, the composition looks rather messy, this is kind of mainly resulting from the main element being superposed to the very busy and spread background. The solution that i mentioned about, blurring the back part would help u to take the two parts away from each other so to speak and also would help viewers to focus on the sold item. This sound also coherent marketing wise

7- branding issue …
well the fact of the matter is that no place has been dedicated to introducing a possible logo and this sounds rather inappropriate to say the least as regard to the desire that any company may have to promote their brand and getting people remembering them and their product

8- color tones
indeed, to tell u how i feel , the flyer is not really in keeping with what people may expect for in terms of colors as this is rather tasteless like this … i believe that u should inspire from the great works of @MonkeyBOX or @PeakStar who turn out to bring awesome styles and effects to the table in the food commerce category Right now, what u have looks rather tasteless so to speak and judging by the category i guess this is precisely what u would like to avoid in the end lol

9- price bullet and imbrication
the text inside the bullet should be more densely organized the two parts should be closer from each other and this would increase the impact of the text, this would make the whole bullet cleaner looking and there would not be a “spacing-related issue”. BY doing it so u might even be able to increase slightly the size of the text inside and catch the attention even more on what is an important part of the message delivered to users …

10- footer
the problem that i see is that , if this really a flyer that we are talking about and thus meant to be printed, u have not planned any place so that personal information are displayed and shared with customers / readers , not to mention that the thing is confusing as regard ti the purpose of this item … see point 11

11- club flyer or commerce ad?
u have to choose from these two, as , right now, there is a true incoherence when it comes to the data placed in the flyer and some things are lacking , no matter what , if this is a themed party or whatever , u still need to add the club’s personal information. On the there hand, "free parking " is not relevant if this is a small food business that we are talking about …

12- global organization
thee are pros and cons for everything , so to speak … the organization that u have here is helping to focus more on the final product indeed, though, on the contrary , there appears to be a big discrepancy between very empty sideways and a way more crammed central axis that is generating a disharmony and disbalance, too

for the pizza flyer

well calling this a flyer at this stage, sorry to say just that , is very ambitious as there is close to nothing indeed and what u have is not even perfect lol look what may be pointed out …

1- execution time and commercial potential
at the moment , what u have can be done in less than 5 minutes so i want u to figure this out, who would actually buy an item that they can redo so very easily and quickly ? no they would just save money and do it by themselves instead … this way they would not even have to spend some time what is not ok with the flyer , BTW lol, sorry just a little , ok? lol Besides, in the same extent, why would a reviewer accept an item having no potential to be sold anyways …

2- alignment
well this is a basic design principle, when u have said this, sort of all is said already … this basically means that violating is clearly not a good idea to say the least and that , let alone, could potentially justify a hard rejection in a way for flyer looking not professional enough … i do not know what was initially your purpose to put best pizza on the side way like this, but u are just bringing misbalance to the table and making the organization of elements looks strange

3- typo
this is globally not bad if we are considering the thing alone but the thing is that the same comments apply as for the first flyer when it comes to font choices , not to mention that the footer is looking too dense and is thus becoming hard to read in the process, too

4- valuing the product
this is not s small deal as this is what u are supposed to help people sell in the end … but the fact of the matter is that u have nothing there around the pizza, no graphic design whatsoever to give it a favorable context and in addition, even the product itself looks really far from savory, looks austere and not attractive, looks tasteless and lacking colors, so basically having nothing to catch people’s attention in the end …

5- bullet
the imbrication inside the bullet is better here but i guess that giving more breathing to the price inside would be welcome and would not make it lose impact , this would rather be the other way around … i tend to consider that bringing some effect on the bullet would help to draw people’s attention on the price and value it , a bit like a “push button” in the internet , meant to draw the attention and basically clicking people to click …

6- branding
once again , no place has been left for placing the logo, this is a really big mistake and this makes people think of an item not sufficiently thought of …

7- coherence
is this really relevant once again not to have clearly identified information meant to make people understand that the item is either a flyer for a club or special night or otherwise a small food commerce one? "free parking makes sense for instance if the thing is a small commerce destined item

8- global style
pls introduce some light, some background, some textures and so on so that there is also relief , depth, an environment meant for the product to pop out, right now there is nothing like this … this is well documented nowadays , that textured flyer sell more than the ones not using any … pls keep all this in mind

9- disposition of elements
this was a bit referred to in the alignment section but i would like to emphasize that having sort of “central looking elements” - i mean having a really important role to play in the flyer - placed on sideways is not a good idea if u ask me as not only will they lose impact and they are not following the z-shape reading process … this determines the way the eye usually sweeps across a document … that is to say from top left to top right , then in a slanted way until the bottom left to finally end up in the bottom right section of the canvas or printed document , all this with a focus point in the center of the page. This is a really important matter indeed and u have to keep this in mind, as this determines which are the impactful areas and how to place elements efficiently …

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u think that people would buy a black page with a pizza in the middle? lol the text is a much used font for flyer templates and worked pretty well when it comes to selling, sometimes we do not only create for ourselves lol

how about this one ?

Again your images low-res are poorly isolated. Plus all the issues from previews ones are still there. Read the feedback from @n2n44 again.

yes there is a difference the elements u chose were far better in the first place lol now they look very much the same as some which already exist and do u really feel like people would buy some text , 3 elements in the middle a shadow and a combination of badly placed bad looking header and footers? sorry this may sound a bit harsh but indeed, all of u guys should try to figure this out, if we spend sometime to try to help u , u should at least do the minimum requirement, that is to say to try to invest some time to modify the concerned item accordingly instead of shifting to another design , making a great of the same mistakes time and time again … look a very good example … the bullet , u think that u really made it more punchy? or that the placement of it is extraordinary ? or otherwise that the shadowing is complete? u think that footer and header are matching with the rest, and placed according to spacing “conventions”?