My Graphicriver item hard rejected

I try to approve files in graphicriver. But I can not approve my file. I upload these files please check and give me a suggetion.

hi pls next time try to do item one by one because this is hard to get into details if such a collection of items indeed and superficial “generic” feedback doe snot really help anyway … so let’s get started anyways …

burger flyer
there is a good deal of things to say about this item, as there are lot of things to change, improve, and so on and since u are far from standards at this stage with what u have right now …
1- global style
well if u ask me, despite your visible desire to bring some originalities here and there , the fact of the matter is that u did not bring anything new to the table all the same and the product overall keeps maybe a bit too simple as regard to the saturation of the market and the many products already in the catalogue, including some far better ones
2- deja vu feeling
this is a bit the continuity of the first point but there are many things that rather inspire deja vu feeling more than any other thing here … disposition , color combination, way to organize elements towards each other and so on and , aside from this lack of freshness style wise , the content does not even look great so that we can forget about it …
3- central picture
indeed, this picture is looking quite bad and is definitely not selling to stay the least. I guess this is thus not really superfluous reminding u off the fact that this type of flyer is meant to be a promotional ones, in other words, if u did not manage to sell the product, this is sort of a failed mission, if u wish
4- typo
indeed, typo here is a really main focus and the bottomline is that u will be asked much effort and attention about it. The problem is that what u have here is at the very best “flat” and in the worst scenario, really not convincing as the combined fonts are not matching well, that the font used for burger is not aesthetic at all and is not even super readable …
5- readability
this has been evoked just before and related to the choice of fonts globally, but the disposition of texts does not help as not always completely in keeping with the z-shape reading process , in other words, the way eyes sweep across any document in order to read it , especially as there are some coherence and hierarchy issues being associated , too
6- hierarchy
well there is much to do and say about it … the logo is too stuck in the corner which has a dramatic consequence in terms of breathing, apart from the fact that the brand is relegated to second or third level of hierarchy … super delicious should a key element if u ever use this formula and thus should pop out, but this is not … order now is what we could call in web terms a call to action button so that the thing should spring out and push people to click but this is not as this is really not that much catching the attention to say the least …the discount not valued so that we can wander if this is really worth having it apart from just for “bridging a gap”. In terms of hierarchy this goes on and on … and there is in particular an issue with burger being in the end less visible than “super delicious” which is way smaller , all is said …
7- breathing
the space between the upper margin and the header is too small , this looks like choking and there is a bad impact visually speaking on the way the flyer looks overall.
8- spacing
u have an issue in the footers have to have equal space between the “torn” effect and the bottom margin, here this is looks not arranged well enough at the moment . besides to be more complete again the spacing should at least be the same in the upper part as in the lower one
9- torn effect
if u ask me this effect is becoming unbearable , we can see it everywhere , this is so boring and here this is not even looking good comparatively
10- finition
there is a global lack of finition, it would take that u introduce shadows and so on where expected

ah restaurant
1- logo
I would suggest that u invest some time in creating a decent professional logo rather than introducing a very flat one like this so this is takes the preview to the next level instead rather than flattening the whole thing globally speaking, then pay attention about the breathing , pls see next point
2- breathing
in this one, again, u have very little space dedicated to the logo and this is once more stuck in the corner , which makes very little sense branding wise , due to the fact that u can basically not touch it and make it really spring out due to the allocated space actually …
3- imbrication
if u ask me the combination of font is not working super well as this is failing imbricate enough so that this looks cool visually speaking
4- spacing
all the footer area is not properly executed when it comes to spacing, the organization looks random and this pays a toll on the professionalism feeling resulting from the item
5- global style
well I guess this is worth considering something … once u have taken out the main picture what do u have left in the main zip file in the end ? well not much to day the least … texts, two super basic icons looking like presets and plain color shapes, pls see next point to see the consequences …
6- low commercial potential
there are two main reasons for a buyer to feel like buying , this is making them feel they will save some time out of buying or that they identify that they can get a product that is way beyond their personal competences and skills in terms of design, but, here , u have none of these two … and as I mentioned previously , there is not much in the zip file that people can download so that this would be more disappointing than any other thing. BTW why accepting a file if u feel like the item has a very low commercial potential indeed ?
7- hierarchy
once again , u have many things that should be valued that turn out not too be valued at all , all the discounts and “order now” are definitely not drawing the attention and are thus inefficient or kind of useless in the end
8- typo
this is really not lively enough in my opinion, this would take more effort to generate some interesting relief and make sure that all that need to pop out actually does and that there is a clear distinction between levels of hierarchy and thus between important information , secondary information and even possible really sideway info …

I think I will stop here for now it will be too long to deal with all the other items which are basically regrouping most of the mistakes that u have in the first 2 designs anyways …

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I am a new designer. I know all the things that you mention. But I can not apply all the things in my design. Please give me some suggestions to improve my design.

@n2n44 already gave you all the suggestions in the world and you ask for more suggestions? WOW!!!
I bet you didn’t even bother to read what he wrote.

I am a new designer. I know all the things that you mention. But I can not apply all the things in my design.

Go to learn, research, try, and come back when you are ready.

If you want a step by step tutorial how to get approved I’m afraid no one can give you this. And remember this is not a school. It’s a marketplace.

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hi I understand that this may be fastidious and also a bit hurtful to go get to go through such a complete review, I identify this, no problem, but u have to know whether u really want to get to know all that maybe an issue with what u do or not. I cannot u fixing for all as some things will depend on u and some solutions must be found by u and no one else, out of creativity, sometimes testing and so on … then, for the word “suggestions”, well indeed, they are as u are not forced to follow if u do not feel like it, u are free to do whatever u want with all that I wrote. Now , to be more accurate, some of the things that I wrote , and I would even add, in this case, a very good deal of what I wrote is not “suggestions” as they are not opinions, but rather related to basic design principles in most of cases, so that , of course, u never know if things turn out to be the “official reasons” for the rejection but they should be normally. Every industry has rules to follow, things to know and all these things have influence on what u do and how to do , as I tried to show in the initial message. Now, when u take away such considerations as basic design principles requirements, if u ask me , the thing for u is to think about and to focus on is to this out of the box because we see a lot of things in somewhat a bit the same style as most of your works here …especially the blue and yellow works by the way.

well I am not sure that he can possibly find something like this for blue and yellow works for instance and even if he can for all types of items, there will be the issue to make his own things with what he will learn from the concerned tuts …