My latest design needs your feedbacks

Hi envato :smile:

I have just finished designing an app landing page, and i need your feedbacks about it. Because i have submitted a personal psd template and i got soft reject seven times… So i decided to change the category… Oh i almost forgot can i change the category for a soft rejected item.

Thanks by advance :slight_smile:


I know that you can change the category of an approved item by submitting a ticket to Envato but I’m not sure if its possible if your item is not approved.

If you got soft rejected this mean your item is not ready(design issue in most cases), so I’m confident that if you change the category you get accepted :slight_smile: without fixing your issues;

When you get a soft rejection, the reviewer gives you a list of points to improve. If you follow them with care you get approved otherwise you will get soft rejections on and one.

###Now, some feedback regarding your current item:

  • These two mobile phones have no sense there, add some images on their display, use screenshots from your template.

  • The list from right side are ugly. Reduce the space between each item.Make the font smaller.

  • Reduce space between sections. I think 80px are just enough

###Final note
If this is a HTML template then it have chances to get approved but for PSD category I think this is not enough.

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Thanks alot @ThemeSLR For your feedbacks . This is really helpful :slight_smile: i’ll work on it just final question from your personal experiance if i have an approved PSD template and i worked on html and wordpress version will i have better chances with sells.

Thanks once again :slight_smile:

Regards .