PSD rejected,(This would be better suited as a Site Templates) need your feedback

My PSD template is hard rejected, I need your suggestion to improve this psd.
I got this message from reviewer:
“Your template has a good start, unfortunately, due to our high requirements your template is not ready for the PSD template category. This would be better suited as a Site Templates, it has potential to be accepted but it may require more improvements before it’s approved under another category. When submitting this item as a Site Template, please make sure to note this to the reviewer. Your are not providing an unpleasant template but the PSD category requires higher quality in terms of aesthetics.”

here’s my link :


Sadly i don’t like font and some areas ( ask some expert about changes needed)
but if you make changes, i am sure it can be accepted easily.

Thank for your suggestion.
Could you tell me what are areas you don’t like ?
Thank you !

You should code it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it has potential as wordpress / html template

Thank guys,
but i want to know where am i wrong,for my next project.
Any idea ?