Soft Reject (How do i change the category) Need Help !

Hello guys i’ve just got a soft reject (psd template) the reviewer said "Please choose a subcategory for this item."
but when i go to the edit page i didn’t find any option to change the category !
so please i need your help !
thanks everyone

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what you design upload?

didn’t get your question but i uploaded a psd template without choosing a specefic category i just choosed “PSD TEMPLATE” Category now on the edit page i can’t find any option to change the category :frowning:

yes but I think that you design need category, you have that choose category but not can “psd template”, do you understand me? sorry my bad english

i want to change the category but i don’t know how because it dosen’t show up on the edit page :confused:

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do you see you email come soft rejected? Email have link edit page, you can click link :slight_smile: