My Item Was Rejected. Many Times.


I’ve sent it for approval almost 10 times.
I’ve always gotten the following answer:

Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.

Thinking that my documents were not good, I made many changes. I rearranged the code I wrote. Between these rejections I even created a new version. But I can’t understand what the problem is.

It would be great to get a clearer answer from the reviewer.

Document / demo page of the script I wrote:


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Happened too me as well.
Project Demo:
Video Platform built unique with Laravel, Vue and Sass.

It‘s really annoying that the reviewers nowadays don‘t take effort to write reasons why they‘ve declined it instead of these autogenerated answers!

Tried it two times and got hard rejected, even with a. better, more powerful and dynamic script than other competetive products on CodeCanyon.

Btw.: I like your script and it‘s clearly good and useful.

2014 it was different. With reasons when rejected:


I followed the link you provided but it wasn’t clear what it’s all about.

Any particular reason why you chose name iChat?

Hi @Elitecode ,

Yes, I need an answer like this maybe shorter.
I will not be able to fix this unless I know what the problem is.


Hi @neophyte3 ,

It’s a little difficult to understand without the explanation part.
Maybe it would be better to browse a few pages from the guide section.
It simply functions to add and recall incoming data to Google Sheets using Apps Script.
The sample page also has an example of listing data in Sheets or just reading one data.

I hope I find something to help me understand the problem.

Thinking that the problem was maybe the word “Easy” in my title, I changed the title and resubmitted it.

Do not use subjective words like “amazing”, “awesome”, or “best”. These words describe your opinion rather than what the file actually is.

was rejected again.

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