My item was rejected by envarto

Hellow averybody,
I have been a member of envato for 4 years now and also purchased 13+ items, I am from Africa Tanzania and i have been a software engineer for 8 years now.
I have recently submited a very high quality saas school management system to envato that i have been working on for the past 6 months. Unfortunately they say it is not on the quality standard.

if you would like to test an give me your opinion


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It’s not related where you’re from, it’s related what kind of job you created.

Maybe 3-4 years ago, you would’ve got this item approved .I’m not sure how the coding is ( can’t see the source ) but HTML part looks fine but as a designer, the general design is messy.

Since everything changed really fast in the last year, the standards is pretty high. I haven’t checked every single detail of the item, it’s about the code as well as it’s design and it’s presentation as well. The index page of the website doesn’t give me the idea that I want to purchase the item

Hi thank for checking out, This is a saas product, index page is for displaying features of the product and it will be adopted by the buyer,

Similar solution is highly un responsive , poor design and many errors as i purchased license my self.
Design on my end prety clean than existing which was approved about 4 months ,

You need to adapt to the current trends, old items do not count and they are not removed from the marker once approved unless something exceptional is wrong with them…

I believe if you fix your design you will get approval…

Hello Team, Now that you have given me good advice , i have updated 80% of my Design , i have realized the main points of rejection and after these massive improvement, can i share here to tell me if i have made progress?

I will leave both old link and new one for comparison