Item was rejected. Any idea why?


I made Ecwid like CMS

but it was rejected saying

unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again

I had read here

I don’t think my item is bad.

Does someone have any ideas?


I can’t comment that much on the coding but the front end and presentation is a long way off the premium standards especially on mobile -

Admin area is not responsive. It is desktop only.

About added to cart - what exactly is wrong with it sorry? It is nice looking popup I think. And other pages are responsive too.

The typography, alignment, hierarchy and composition of the added to cart just feels a bit messy and unstyled.

Even before adding items to the cart the reduced $17 being off to the left and almost like a continuation of the description before a much bigger and central $14 doesn’t feel right.

Personally I’d center items in the carousel rather than previewing a bit of the next item just to prevent distraction.

If you are dropping mobile for the admin then the rest of your item in terms of design and delivery needs to be flawless and offer something unique to make up for the mobile obstacle

It cannot be the reason for item rejection.

I personally like this style and it was designed from some designer and I was approved this design after a few revisions.

It is simple design, not many big things.

I just don’t think it was rejected because of design.

If you are saying these things are the reason it was rejected - I then don’t know what to do. Code looks even more complicated than this. It is Ecwid like CMS where you insert one line of code to have eCommerce page on any your site - this is the main thing. I spent much time doing this CMS.

I can prepare download code. Let me upload package.

You can download it here
(removed link)

I’m not a reviewer and I wouldn’t have the experience to judge your code (I wouldn’t share it here though).

Also I can only see things on a phone and iPad.

From a purely design and front end perspective, and in my view where others may think differently, I think you are not doing advanced or super smart code any favours, and it’s definitely enough to be rejected on before the reviewer even explores the code in detail.

Some other examples where content is cropped or layouts could be improved to improve the UI and design presentation

Again I am not a reviewer and this is just my perspective - someone like @DesignSomething or @CocoBasic or @mgscoder or @unlockdesign or other experienced authors who use these forums may be able to offer alternative thoughts

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Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it. Hope someone could reply in this topic with some ideas.

Do I have some option to invite them? I see you copied links to their profiles, but how to ask them to look into my topic?

By tagging them as I have they will see this thread when they login next

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Hi @olegkhorev,

Please note that envato approved only quality items. Quality not only mean features or good coding. Quality mean a product which will be acceptable by the customers. Quality item should have unique aesthetics design with best UI (premium design), premium features and functionality, secure good coding.

I have spend few minutes to check front end and back end of your demo.

With respect in your demo both front end and back end design is very entry level. There are SPACING AND ALIGNMENT, VISUAL HIERARCHY, responsive issues exist. No premium style used the make the design looking good. The design is not premium at all to get approve. If design is not eye catching then customer will not show interest to buy the product/item. If any item pass design test then reviewer will check coding and features.

I am mentioning a very few design example from your demo:

  1. Brand page left sidebar filter category/links with not style
  2. Cart popup is information missing (price) and not good looking
  3. product design ALIGNMENT issue
  4. overal design is not good at all

Header, sidebar and content all are very basic design no premium design.


Oh. I don’t know. I just like how it’s designed. There are no such systems on CodeCanyon and not too many in the google.

I don’t know what to do with design. I looked over it…

Thank you for your comments. I will keep looking next days, may be will get other ideas.

Main thing here is that you just select theme color based on your site and embed single line HTML code on any part of your site - and it makes eCommerce page on your site with full catalog and all features.

Overall looks totally unfinished on both desktop and mobile. There are too many web design issues to list them here. Probably you need to look for another designer and start again based on your actual code.

It’s not single CMS. It is to embed cart into your site. It is like old iFrame but here it is fully ajaxfied. Just basic elements and need to chose theme color based on your own site.

It is not the system for your site - it is just like Ecwid - if you can google for what Ecwid is.

I just saw Ecwid and looks modern and fresh. Your CMS looks outdated 2015 like design style.

Keep in mind that customers looks for a fresh design.

Product page

Sorry - here is how Ecwid looks. You were not able to see until you create a demo. Nothing big, no big features.

Very very basic - no style or design - just black & white and even no color editor. Added to cart popup - no popup. Product details - just description and main buttons.

I value what you are saying and will re-work on some design. But about Ecwid - it is too basic compare to my CMS as the default package.

Thank you for your opinion.


Please check my previous post. I show screenshots from Ecwid. So here I changed color and it looks may be better. I don’t think that since 2015 the layout of elements was changed a lot. May be just color.

Could you give me your quick opinion about demo now, please?

Finally - it’s CodeCanyon, not ThemeForest. People come here for code, not for design.

Thank you!

This is not CodeCanyon (search for ‘Ecwid’ and you will see no files related to it).

It would definitely be for Themeforest and it’s useful to look at (the limited number of) other templates and themes that integrate or are compatible with Ecwid and are already for sale.

While the ‘shop’ elements are often more or less the raw Ecwid layouts – there is usually a bit of styling and at least the presentation is tidy.

The key is that the wider sites where it has been integrated are, with respect, significantly higher quality, have better design, more features and functionality etc. than what you have.

The revised copy above is better but still way off the mark.

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Yes this is main point - it’s code, not design.

I looked through Ecwid more. They are just simple. I want to keep features I have and not remove them.

I put more update over product details and on filter on the left - I have idea and will look next days over it.

Thanks all guys for your comments.

I asked Envato support as well. This is very unique item and will be useful for any customer who has just HTML pages.

I understand that noone want to review my code. So hope Envato will allow me to fix something to get approved. I will keep this page and will return back once I hear something from Envato support.


  1. I put some changes. Could you confirm that it’s good please?
    All products (

  2. I really cannot put price there - it is depending on product options and variant. It is too much work, may be will add later. I put simple popup, but other sites just don’t have it at all.

  3. Could you point me to issue, please? I cannot find what you mean.

  4. Could you review updated design please?

Thank you,