Item Rejected without reason!

We have created the marketplace that is not in Envato and they have rejected it in 1 hour saying “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”.

I don’t understand what quality standards they are following, there are many items that are bad in coding and design but still it is approved. We have spent thousand of USD to make this product and they simply say it is not in quality standards? It is very frustrating.

Here is the live link of product: and here is the demo link:


Hi, unfortunately the design quality of your item is very low. It will never be accepted.
Mind that there is not any recent (last 2-3 years) theme of such quality available on the market.


How do you think that design quality is low? There are worst designed theme available compares to ours, The design is simple and sober with latest trends. Does so much colors make design good?

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It has potential, but contrary to what you say, it does not follow modern trends. It’s very crammed with so much stuff, there’s no hierarchy or flow, it’s hard to focus on anything.

Although the logo is intended to be replaced, it still needs work. I think the bright neon green circle is the main problem.

I find those image banners very strange. They just look like random images until you hover over them, then it shows text and that they actually have a purpose. I would put text or some sort of call to action on the images in their normal state, to show that they’re clickable, instead of hoping the user accidentally hovers over one and realizes it’s interactive.

The text is hard to read on some of those slides in the hero slider.

I think the idea and system you have is fine, but you need to rethink and redo most of the UI/UX.

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It’s hard to believe that it took thousands of dollars to create this low quality item.


@TitanSystems Do you even know that how many panels are there and what type of features are integrated? Maybe you have only seen front view and it is similar to BigBasket, do you know what BigBasket is? It is the biggest Grocey ordering platform(Bigger then Amazon Grocery). People now days gives their opinions without even knowing real interfaces from their beds while sleeping. will be happy so see any of your product!!!

@XioxGraphix Seems like little helpful, but does this minor improvements really deserves to be hard rejected? Their are 4 panels and the system is PWA.

Seems like envato is going on the same way of Yahoo and UpWork, now world knows they are begging for their survival, same will be happen to Envato real soon. They are so much arrogant that they don’t even want to give second chance to the people for their minor improvements!

People are afraid to say truth hear because they fear the rejection in Envato but we don’t because we have nothing to lose hear now, we are healthy company and will sell our products anywhere else or to our customers, but they will see real consequences of their arrogance.

The code and features are good. Unfortunately, the reviewers don’t look at all at that. You can have a store with all the features of Amazon and you would get a hard reject anyway if the design is not good. Work hard on the design, it requires a lot of work. But that’s the only issue to fix.

@Schiocco, this seems like a valid point, maybe they only care about is design. So one more question, will it be possible to improve the design issues and upload it again?

Minor? You need to completely overhaul the design, essentially making it look like a different item.

From what I’ve seen, once you have the visuals in a good way, then they’ll check the code and make sure that’s in order.

Ohh, I see. As your name defines that you are a Graphics Designer, will you be able to help us with new UX?