My item rejected by themeforest team

I have submitted my item but they rejected it.
Comments from your Quality team

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category.

demo :
What is the problem, i did not found.
Please help me.

With all due respect you are no where near the standard.

  • code can’t be validated

  • link doesn’t seem to work on a phone

  • typography is not good

  • design is very basic and lacks premium feel

  • all the widgets you can add are a nice touch but there’s no hierarchy or considered design layout with them (and the Facebook one looks cropped)

It s a huge mis- conception by many people here that coming soon files, emails, PSDs are all going to be easier to get approved because there is less to them but in truth they are harder than other categories as there is no room for error and they must offer something uniquely different and very very highly delivered.

Thank you very much for your kind information.
I will validate all and resubmit, but which link doesn’t working? can your please specify me?

You will need to make some serious changes beyond just validating the code.

The link in your first post won’t open on my iPhone in either chrome or safari - DNS issue apparently

Oh, i got it.
It is hosting server DNS problem.
I am trying to contact with them to solve this issue.
Thank you again. Thanks