Your uploaded item rejected by zombie

Yes, you understand me right. My template was rejected :kissing_heart: Here are their kind words:

Our Review team also provided these comments:

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category.

Thanks for your submission!
Envato Market Team

I want you to take a look at my template, and to hear your feedback. I apologize for the low speed.

Let’s look a little deeper. They said:

Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category.

I chose the category Site Templates - Corporate, because it is a Multi-Purpose template. I will not hide that I was inspired a lot of templates in this category. But the difference is still there. If I understand the reviewer correctly, then you need to remove most of the templates on ThemeForest. Why haven’t you done it yet?

In my opinion, there are no problems with the fonts, design, typographics, they look good and professionally. Maybe they just broke? What do you think about it? :bulb: Any comments, feedback, opinions are greatly appreciated. English is not my mother tongue, please excuse any errors on my part.

P.S. Sorry, but it looks funny. I spent more than five months, for the line.

Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission.

Yes rejected because your typography is small, but your template is good :wink: also I think that worng w3c html, your need check w3c

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Typography is small? I think 14px it’s quite normal. This is strange.

I thint that your change css no 14px but 15pt (pt, no px) test your website.

A lot of templates use px. I think this is not the main problem.

I understand you but I think that your themes is rejected because clients not easy read your typography

Yor wait other author comments your message.

Your template is a solid effort, I don’t see any major issues design-wise, it probably would be approved year or two ago, but there already are lots of similar templates. The reviewing process is definitely subjective and I agree that sometimes even the not so good designs get approved, but you definitely shouldn’t compare your design to those poor templates which barely passed the review. You should try to create something much better. The problem of your template is that quantity > quality. The number of pages is really impressive, but they are all pretty much forgettable. Here are few tips which should get you started:

  • amateurish logo
  • dull copy text - lorem ipsum is really not hip anymore, but if you really want to us it, at least create slightly unique variations for each item. Like all your recent news have the same title and excerpt
  • “Learn More” links for services have weird align
  • boring color palette
  • zero uniqueness in overall

The biggest issue for me is that your designs screams “generic”. You need to add more character to it. At least a little bit, because I don’t see none right now.


I think you’re right. I need to pay more attention to the content, change “Lorem Ipsum” to something more interesting, for example. But this is just a mock-up, as well as the logo, the user will edit it. The pages are quickly forgotten, but that’s almost everywhere.

All this seems wrong to me, probably because I’m a beginner. Thank you for your kind attention.

But this is just a mock-up, as well as the logo, the user will edit it

Of course, but you have to present your template in the best possible way. If you have two same templates, one have high quality photos and real-like content, the other one have some cheap images and super generic lorem ipsum text, guess which one will have better sales.

You must understand one basic thing on this marketplace, you are not the only one who want to make sales here, there are thousands of us. In order to have good sales, you have to compete against other authors, offer something better than them. Your goal shouldn’t be just to get approved, but to be successful here.

I think that you definitely have chance to make it here, just take a breath, take a good look around the marketplace to know your competition and make improvements.

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I think, my item was hard rejected, but it is not specified anywhere. Anyway, I’ll do my best. Thank you again :slightly_smiling:

simple design with a great lack of uniqueness, with typographical mainly to the size and height of the line errors. Typographic hierarchy requires improvement.

White spaces require further refinement, even alignment.

It takes great job in detail and have to try to be more creative.

Not good consistency. It is as if he had taken a piece of each item available in TF.

Follow the steps of: @LSVRthemes

Continue with work

Good luck with your submission


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